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Bonito Stock and Somen Noodles by Yuri Nomura

There is a beautiful and delicious intertwined relationship between food and the 4 seasons in Japan.
It’s rather obvious when put into words but each season is uniquely different in climate and condition, which produces, in turn, unique foods that represent each season.

And in Japan there is a tradition of appreciating the seasons through various dishes that accentuate seasonal foods. Perhaps the most famous summer dish is cold somen noodles. And in a wonderful tutorial produced by Casa Brutus, chef and self-proclaimed “food producer” Yuri Nomura teaches us how to prepare the dish. The full recipe is right here.

summer eats cold somen noodles 2

summer eats cold somen noodles 3

summer eats cold somen noodles 4

  • info and work, please visit the Chef’s website here
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