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Casa C14 Designed By Nüform

The house was built between 2014 and 2015 and was designed by nüform, an architecture studio for which every project is special. They focus on establishing a friendly relationship between the houses they build and their surroundings and Casa C14 is representative in this sense.

Casa C14 2

Casa C14 3

Casa C14 4

Casa C14 is a vacation home built in Huentalenquen, Chile. It’s surrounded by a rocky ground, cacti and small hills but that doesn’t stop it from making the most of the area.

Casa C14 5

Casa C14 6

Casa C14 7

Casa C14 8

The house has a total floor area of 130 square meters organized on a single level. The interesting part in this case is the foundation which elevates the house and forms a sloping ramp in the continuation of the outdoor deck.

Casa C14 9

Casa C14 10

Casa C14 11

Casa C14 12

Casa C14 13

Casa C14 14

Casa C14 15

Casa C14 16

Casa C14 17

Casa C14 18

Casa C14 19

Casa C14 20

For + info and work, please visit the architect’s website here

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