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December 18, 2021

In these current economic conditions, working with a packaging distributor can be more valuable than ever. With long lead times, inflation, and labor..


August 10, 2021

Foam can be a great cost-effective protective solution for your product. And there are a variety of ways it can be created, which are good to know..


July 6, 2021

Need a specialty poly bag for your next packaging project? We can help. 


February 17, 2021

Plastic is plastic, right?


January 27, 2021

Foam can be an excellent option for protecting products in transit, and for creating a perfect custom fit within a plastic case, box or crate.   


December 18, 2020

When you’re new to the packaging world, there are a lot of terms to learn. What’s EPS? Rotomolding? Cast or blown film?


November 25, 2020

Packaging does more than just look good. It keeps your product protected in transit and provides a valuable opportunity to represent your brand. 


October 29, 2020

Today’s consumers place a high value on the look and design of your product’s packaging: 72% said it often influences their purchasing decisions. 


August 17, 2020

For companies who deal with metal and metal parts, rust can quickly become a big problem. It delays production, shuts down assembly lines, increases..
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