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‘Disturbing The Spirits’ by Ellen Jantzen

Ellen Jantzen was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri. Her first college degree was in graphic arts; later emphasizing fine art. In 1992, after a move to Los Angeles California, she graduated FIDM (the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) with an advanced degree in fashion. She worked for several years at Mattel Toy Company as a senior project designer, but became disillusioned with the corporate world and longed for a more creative outlet. Having been trained in computer design while at Mattel, she set about to learn Photoshop. As digital technology advanced and cameras were producing excellent resolution, she found her perfect medium. It was a true confluence of technical advancements and creative desire that culminated in her current explorations in photo inspired art using both a camera to capture images and a computer to alter and manipulate the pieces

A Parallel Narrative



And The Greening Begins

Before The Green

Conquering The Pull of Gravity

CrossExamining Reality

From Here the River Runs North


Harmonic Progression




Sound of Perception

That You Wish To Go

The Burden Lifts

Toward The Known

Toward The Unknown




With Anticipation

‘I was working on my series, “Disturbing The Spirits” when my father suddenly died*. Place of Departure is the work I have done since…I feel that my life has fundamentally changed; but sometimes all seems the same. Where did my father go? What does a life mean after it leaves it’s body? Does the life-force rise and connect the terrestrial with the celestial or does it evaporate into thin air? These are the questions I am grappling with as I begin my new series; hopefully I will find my way to an understanding. 6 months later my mother passed away also. The space between my father’s death and my mother’s was filled with this work. I am seeking truth through alternative forms of reality. In process….’

  • info & work, please visit the photographer’s website here
    © Ellen Jantzen
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