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Hotel Boutique Farol, Portugal

Farol is a mesmerizing hotel in Cascais, just a short drive from Lisbon. This town used to be a tourist destination for kings, queens and people with tons of money and still has a glamorous ambiance. The charming villa that was built in 1890 for Count of Cabral and when remade into a hotel a new wing in contemporary design was added. There are only 33 rooms which creates a very familiar and intimate atmosphere. Various famous fashion designers has been involved in the make over of the house. Each got their own room to design so even if you’ll come back here every summer your experience can be totally new staying in a different room.

The hotel is situated next to the marina, just a short walk away from the charming historical centre. Many people travel here to enjoy the great waves on a surfing board or kite board or to enjoy some great golfing.

But don’t feel that you have to keep busy while in Cascais. This is a place where you easily can leave your every day life behind and enjoy carefree days without an agenda.
Here you can start the lazy days with a long breakfast and then let the day pass by slowly in a sun bed by the ocean. The scenic landscape is breathtaking and you’ll enjoy the ocean view from most of the spacious comfortable room, from the terrace or while hanging out on the terrace. When the sun gets too strong jump in the cooling water or take a siesta.

And when craving something to eat later on you can enjoy a classic afternoon tea with scones and finger sandwiches. Or just open up that bottle of champagne!

The hotel is well known for their amazing food. At the Mediterranean restaurant Mix you’ll get fresh fish and seafood while sitting done in a wonderful room with an amazing view. Sushi Design is the more sophisticated restaurant decorated with wood and black walls. Warm summer evenings there’s nothing holding you back from enjoying dinner on the terrace while watching the sun set over an endless blue ocean.

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For + info: Farol Hotel’s website here
Photography: © Farol Hotel

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