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Flying Houses By Laurent Chehere

French photographer Laurent Chehere is clearly a dreamer. His series “Flying Houses,” which he began in 2007, is a fantastical exploration of the diverse and inspirational architecture of Paris, albeit not exactly the structures for which the city is known.

Chehere was born (and currently resides) in Ménilmontant, a district of Paris “rich in different cultures in which you can cross the world at each street corner,” .

“I am interested by gypsies in caravans waiting for their eviction by the police, of immigrants from Africa in unsafe buildings, circuses on the edge of freeways surrounding Paris, dirty sex cinemas of Pigalle—and the quiet life in the suburbs. Although Paris is an architecturally rich city, Chehere’s “Flying Houses” also aims to “elevate” both literally and figuratively many structures that might be overlooked. I tried to get these sad houses out of the anonymity of the street, to help them to tell their story, true or fantasized, “Flying Houses” represents a mix of Chehere shooting various structures and creating them in Photoshop.Technically, I drew the buildings and afterward, I shot each element such as the roof, walls, windows, graffiti, and even the people—it’s a montage.The series is a tribute to the old Paris and the movies including The Red Balloon, and directors such as Hayao Miyazaki, Wim Wenders, and Federico Fellini”.

+ info & work, please visit the photographer’s website here

© Laurent Chehere

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