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“Work” Is The Transfer Of Energy: The Inspiring Perspective Of ‘Workisnotajob’

This manifesto will make you question your professional habits in light of your real talents.

Sophie Pester and Catharina Bruns, entrepreneurial designers, started the workisnotajob project in 2012, with the idea of inspiring people to adopt a philosophy where work is a fun experience and not a jail that enables people to make a living.

With their wonderful manifesto, workisnotajob provides us with a series of insights or visions on our work habits, on everything we commonly understand of the term, and how reprogramming our ideas can lead us to adopt as a new way of life, our true calling.

And this is because in our time, work has become a painful obligation. We depend on an economic system that seems to work against us, but, what would happen if we tried to use it to our advantage instead of trying to live up to its impossible demands?

Every prison is a in our minds: to paraphrase the Count of Montecristo of Alexandre Dumas’ unforgettable novel, it is impossible imprison someone physically if they are free in their minds.

The workisnotajob manifesto helps us see that work is a means and not an end: a means which we can use to find our true talent and enrich the world by doing so.

Their official website reads:

-“Work” is the transfer of energy.

-We like to transfer our energy into something creative and inspiring.

-Powerful dreams inspire powerful actions that can change the world.

-You are what you do!

-If you are active, it will lead to something.

-Something you can work with.

-Follow your heart or it will forever remind you that something is missing.

-The world is your playground, not your prison.

-Work on what you love and share it with the world.

-You are responsible for the talent that has been entrusted to you. Go work with it.

-What you do every day is more important that what you do once in a while.

-When you do what you love, every day, when you wake up excited about what you do, it’s good for everyone.

-Have a vision to strive for, dream, create, inspire.

-What you make is important.

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