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Hello there! I am Berni,Social media fanatic. Travel enthusiast. Electronic music junkie. Freelance coffee practitioner. Explorer. Animal advocate. Devoted food aficionado. I live in a little and beautiful island on the Mediterranean, my favorite movie is “In the mood for Love“ and if there’s anything that I love more than fashion, it’s the movies, take photos, electronic music, dance and cooking for my family & friends… This blog is a place where I share my finds of captivating fashion photography, architecture, recipes, bloggers, people I admire and inspire me, music, travel, design and more…The copyright of the images belongs to their respective owners. If you wish your images to be removed, you can contact me here. I hope you enjoy the blog… Thanks for stopping and remember that you + your feedback is always welcome…
Love, Berni 😘

P. S. I always try my best to credit each and every photographer, but sometimes it’s impossible to track some of them. Please contact me if you know the missing authors.

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