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Manshausen Hotel in Manshausen, Norway

Manshausen is a world in its own. 55 acres, situated in the middle of the Grøtøya strait, only 500 meters from the small village Nordskot. With its well-protected harbour, Manshausen was in its time an important and busy part of the old trading post Grøtøy, which was established in 1698. Fish is still important, but kayaking, diving, cycling, climbing and summer and winter hiking has now taken over as the most popular activities. Steigen represent a unique destination for such activities, with hundreds of small islands, white sandy beaches, spectacular mountains, and to the north the Loftoten islands act as a protective wall.

Manshausen Hotel 11

Manshausen Hotel 10

The island of Manshausen was part of the largest trading post in Nordland and a meeting point for sailors and fishermen going north to Lofoten. The old stone jetties from the late 1800s are still there, and we have placed three of our seacabins along the old jetty. The fourth hut is situated above the others on a natural ledge in the terrain, with beautiful view overlooking the sea and mountains.

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Through the large glass windows you can enjoy the elements from the bed or comfortable chairs. Each hut has two separate bedrooms with double beds and one alcove for children. All four huts have a specially designed bathroom and kitchen in corian. Architect Snorre Stinessen is the designer of the huts.
Breakfast is served in the main house. At this stage we do not serve lunch or dinner, except for pre booked groups. There is a kitchen in all huts with cutlery, glasses and dishes.

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Manshausen Hotel 2

info (h/t: MANSHAUSEN)

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