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Poncelet Cheese Bar

Poncelet Cheese Bar Barcelona, located inside the Hotel Meliá Sarriá. This new culinary space has a total of 400 square meters on the ground floor of the hotel, and is called to be the meeting point for cheese lovers, as well as the perfect place for anyone to enjoy a highly specialized gastronomic proposal.
This decorative project has taken the philosophy of Cheese Bar, giving to this new space an own personality with a completely new and unique interior, which creates the right atmosphere to enjoy a wide variety of cheeses.

poncelet cheese bar 2

poncelet cheese bar 3

The identification stamp of Poncelet it can breathe from the outside, with an imposing facade composed of a framework of wooden pieces, which form diamonds in different volumes. Once inside estudiHac has followed the same philosophy through the use of noble materials such as marble, natural oak and copper, and a fine selection of textiles in terms of textures and colors. Cheese Bar Barcelona have different areas, receives to their guests with a welcoming reception consisting of a library, with substantial information about cheese.

poncelet cheese bar 4

poncelet cheese bar 5

poncelet cheese bar 6

poncelet cheese bar 7

The area of the fabulous vertical garden conveys freshness and naturalness, and the private area with a big communal table has become in a welcoming space to share culinary experiences in the most familiar way.
The own architecture of the restaurant also provides a special role to the big cheese pantry, designed as a diamond, with materials such as natural oak or mosaic terracotta, which pretend to convey its great value: inside there are the precious jewels, that is, the enormous Poncelet variety of cheeses.
The master Cheese bar, the cocktail bar, the giant kaleidoscope picture, which has the pastels colors of Poncelet Group and is inspired by the geometric forms that carried the famous french mathematician Jean-Victor Poncelet. estudiHac also wanted to give a greater role to the kaleidoscope designing an original ceiling dotted with small sticks of wood tinted with the same colors, as if it were an extension of the spectacular triangular prism.

poncelet cheese bar 8

poncelet cheese bar 9

poncelet cheese bar 10

poncelet cheese bar 11

poncelet cheese bar 12

The brand Poncelet connecting the space of the cheese pantry with the bars area through a hydraulic floor tile, tailor-made for this project and characterized by the graphics of the brand.

Project Design + Words by estudi{H}ac
Localitation – Barcelona. Spain
Photographer – German Cabo

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