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The Home Delicate Restaurant

Home Delicate Restaurant is a very interesting and intriguing project. It’s neither a public place nor a private home. It’s a combination of those two. It was a project by Riccardo Salvi and Luca Rossire from Logica:architettura. The work started in 2008 and was finished the same year.

The Home Delicate Restaurant 2

The Home Delicate Restaurant 3

The final result was a sort of home restaurant, a cozy place where people can go to enjoy fine food in a cozy environment.Home Delicate Restaurant is located in Via Tortona 12 in Milan. During the renovation, the architects had to be careful when choosing materials and also had to preserve the style and some of the elements. However, some very visible changes have been made.

The Home Delicate Restaurant 4

The Home Delicate Restaurant 5

The once minimalist furniture was exchanged for something more artistic and eye-catching involving a mixture of antiques and different styles.

The Home Delicate Restaurant 6

The Home Delicate Restaurant 7

Inside you can find with Napoleon III furniture, Le Corbusier with vaguely ’50′s style external furniture and other styles. The atmosphere inside is very friendly. The restaurant is elegant but also inviting. It’s a relaxing space, far away from the noise and stress of the city. It’s hidden in a courtyard with a secret garden and it’s a very peaceful place. In fact, it looks very similar to a home. The guests are tempted to feel like home. It’s an unusual approach that turned out to be very successful.

The Home Delicate Restaurant 8

I love this house restaurant…
… great idea!!!

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