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White Miso Sauternes Braised Cod Recipe

I found this wonderful recipe on the blog of Aleksandr Slyadnev. A food-photographer and a member of The Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers (UAPF) – is among 10 most interesting photographers of the planet according to authoritative 500px photo community and among 100 best food-photographers of the world according to The British Journal of Photography.

Aleksandr cooperates with many international companies and restaurants, shoots for food magazines, books and different publications. He has taken pictures of famous and world-known chefs and their dishes. His customers are popular Michelin-starred restaurants and restaurants with other prominent gastronomy awards.

White Miso Sauternes Braised Cod Recipe 1

White Miso Sauternes Braised Cod Recipe

500g cod fillet

Sake jelly:
1l sake
500 ml mirin
20 g gelatine

Miso sauternes sauce:
250 ml sauternes
400 g white miso
1 pinch saffron

For preparation instructions visit: Food’n chef
I can’t wait to try it!

About the Author of this recipe: Alvin Leung Jr., Chef at Bo Innovation

When a hobby becomes the profession it is commonly treated as life success. I do not feel like I am the most successful man in the world. But one of the happiest I should say. My name is Alvin Leung and I am a happy chef. I was born in foggy London. Rather known for its grey weather and grumpy people. Where the most elegant dish is a porcelain plate of oat porridge. It is only half truth, of course. Although my dearest mother did not cook thus I was climbing the kitchen mountains all by myself.

Photography by © Aleksandr Slyadnev
Recipe from Alvin Leung Jr

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