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Design Travel: Hueso Restaurant in Guadalajara, Mexico

Luis Barragan’s Foundation as well as Diaz Morales’s House-Studio in beautiful Lafayette Design District located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico serve as the perfect backdrop for a recovered 1940’s modern architecture 240 sq. ft. building that would become Alfonso Cadena’s new concept restaurant “Hueso” (Bone).

The design approach begins with creating a double skin, in the exterior, a clean artisanal handmade ceramic tile covering with a graphic approach protects the inside skin layer which becomes more organic and full of texture.

Inspired in a Darwinian vision, the inside skin covers almost every vertical square inch of the interior with over 10,000 collected bones from animals and plants mounted on wooden layers, mixed with objects and cooking tools and intervened by urban visual artists.

Hueso Restaurant 2

Hueso Restaurant 3

Hueso Restaurant 4

Hueso Restaurant 5

Hueso Restaurant 6

Hueso Restaurant 7

Hueso Restaurant 8

Hueso Restaurant 9

Hueso Restaurant 10

Hueso Restaurant 11

Hueso Restaurant 12

Hueso Restaurant 13

Hueso Restaurant 14

photo © jaime navarro
project design by cadena+asociados

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