Transition by Dominik Tarabanski 4

‘Transition’ by Dominik Tarabanski

Dominik Tarabanski is a NYC based fashion photographer with a beautiful fine art approach. Below is the artist’s statement to her series entitled ‘Transitions’. “What if you could carry a meadow with you? Grow into the cotton fibres. Get so close so you could become one, but still be yourself. Dilute into it, diffuse, disappear. And become another.” Photographs by…

Somewhere else by Romain Trystram 12

Somewhere Else by Romain Trystram

Romain Trystram is a freelance illustrator currently based in Paris. His series of digital architecture entitled “Somewhere Else” is a sleek yet lonely insight into his portrayal of city buildings. Having worked for several animation studios as a concept artist, as a set colour designer and also as a colourist for several comic books, he is well-placed to create these…

Lake of Dreams by Roy Two Thousand 7

Lake of Dreams by Roy Two Thousand

Burning Man 2014 is beginning right now in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Vimeo user Roy Two Thousand has compiled a bunch of incredible time-lapse footage from last year’s festival that you have to see to believe. Lake of Dreams from roy two thousand on Vimeo.

Sorapot by designer Joey Roth 1

‘Sorapot’ by designer Joey Roth

Sorapot is a simple, modern teapot made from stainless steel and glass by designer Joey Roth. Designed to brew loose-leaf teas, Designed to brew loose-leaf teas, Sorapot’s entire volume is available for the leaves to unfurl as they steep. Sorapot 2 from Joey Roth on Vimeo. Sorapot 2 is now available for pre-order here Product Design by © Joey Roth

Raw Vegan Banana Cream Pie 1

Beautiful Desserts

Minimalist Baker is a space for simple, delicious food. Wonderful, right? All recipes require just 10 ingredients or less (sometimes 7), one bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare. While they aren’t strictly a vegan or gluten free blog, many of the recipes are special diet-friendly. They simply love experimenting in the kitchen and providing unique and special recipes……

Lorne Residence by Woods Bagot 3

Lorne Residence by Woods Bagot

The Lorne residence, inspired by renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando, is surrounded by national park and rests solidly on the edge of a cliff, which has a 60º decline. At the core of this concept is not to touch the earth lightly but to be robust enough to hold up against the harsh Australian elements. The house is conceived as…

Get The Look

Get the look!

& Other Stories is a fashion brand offering women a wide range of shoes, bags, accessories, beauty and ready-to-wear to create their personal style, or story… one of my favorite stores! You have to take a look at the store here, sure to fall in love like me 💘

Creative Work by Anna Lomax 5

Creative Work by Anna Lomax

Born and based in London, with a dedicated following in the wonderful realms of the Tokyo art scene, Lomax has used her time studying illustration at Brighton University more than wisely, generating work with an edge of wacky fabulousness. This artful eccentricity doesn’t faze Lomax, it being her point of difference in a market where difference means survival. Fascinated by…

Food Photography by Two Red Bowls 4

Food Photography by Two Red Bowls

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.” ― Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance + info, work & wonderful recipes, please visit the photographer’s website here Photography by © Two Red Bowls


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